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DMX Lighting Repair & Trouble Shooting

David Haddock electronic repairs is one of the few repairers
in with extensive experience in repair & Trouble shooting
DMX lighting systems, control gear and fixtures.
As well as finding DMX conflicts and reconfiguration of
universe and splitters.

If you have a DMX lighting problem Dave can fix it.

    *  Dimmer Packs
    *  Control Boards
    *  Power supplies
    *  Light Units
    *  DMX Cabling
    *  DMX Controllers
    *  DMX Lighting




DMX conflicts


Even though DMX cables are based on XLR cables and they will both plug into the same receptacles, there are real differences, the impedance of an Mic cable is only 70 Ohms whereas the DMX has over 100 Ohms of impedance.


The higher resistance of the DMX cable requires more flow of electricity to overcome and creates a more stable data signal. The lower resistance of the XLR cable allows it to pull fainter audio signals to be amplified. So DMX cables can plug into a microphone cable snake and they will work, but with a loss of data quality that may result in stuttering or shaking in the units being controlled.


You can use XLR cables in a pinch, but they are not a long-term replacement for DMX cables.


We also repair all brands of disco lighting such as Martin moving heads, laser effect machines, lighting controllers, LED lighting, smoke machines, strobe machines, DMX controllers & Splitters.

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David Haddock Electronic Repairs Cairns. Audio/video Repair, Vintage Hifi, PA & Lighting Maintenance, DMX Fault Finding & Repair