Amp Re-tubes

Valve tube amplifier repair

Amp Re-tubes

There’s nothing like the sound of a old school valve amp
to make your guitar sing, however Tube amplifiers need
servicing on a regular basis to ensure that your valves
are correctly balanced and biased.

David Haddock electronic repairs as in more than 35 years experience in working on the circuitry including Fenders, Marshals, Ampeg, Bad Cat,
Blackstar, Bogner, Moody, Egnater, Hiwatt, Laney, Mesa Boogie, Orange, Peavey, Randall, Soldano, Vox, Vase & Goldentone.

The procedure:-

1) Clean the amp chassis of accumulated dust, cobwebs, dead insects etc.
2) Clean all pots, switches, valve sockets, RCA terminals and speaker terminals
3) Check voltages on Power Supply
4) Connect speakers and slowly power up through the bulb variac.
5) Check voltages on valve pins
6) Balance and bias valves
7) Full 24 hour burn-in

David Haddock electronic repairs is a valve/tube amplifier specialist and will give your prized amp the special care and attention it deserves.

Valve/tube Testing, re-bias and replacement

Testing, re-bias and replacement of 12AX7, 12AX7B, EL34B, EL88, EL34, 12AX7, GZ34, 5AR4, 6V6GT, 6BM8, ECL82, 5U4 Valves/Tubes for Marshall, Mesa Boogie, Fender, Ampeg, Orange, Laney, Egnater, Bogner, Bugera, Matchless, Engl, Blackstar, Vox, Carvin, Dunlop, EVH, DV Mark, Paul Reed Smith, Music Man, Hughes & Kettner.

Vintage Amp Restoration

Marshall ‘Artiste’ (Oct 1974) 2×12 Combo returned to like new condition

We love doing Vintage Amp Restoration, amps arrive with damaged and missing original parts and had been left for dead. We often get repair and restoration request for vintage amps that could sound amazing and we love to see them back to their original condition. Please contact us if you have a potential amp for restoration or repair.