Kits & Mods

Throughout the Internet and in the electronics magazines there are 100’s of wonderful kits at prices 1/3 of the completed item, and you may have even been tempted to buy and attempt one yourself. If you have attempted to build a DIY kit yourself and have not been able to complete the project or you are interested in having a DIY kit built for you David Haddock Electronic Repairs can help.

DIY electronics kit help

We have completed kits from a wide range of suppliers JLM audio, Jayar, Dick Smith and Silicon Chip.  We have also performed many modifications to these kits

High end audio electronics kits Australia’s leading DIY designer, clients include Silverchair, Divinyls, Angels, Regurgitator, Powderfinger, Tommy Emmanuel, Fuel, ABC, Berklee College of Music (USA), Cirque du Soleil (USA), Crowded House, Daniel Jones, Dolby Labs, Joe Barresi (USA), John Butler Trio, Regurgitator, The Smashing Pumpkins (USA), Wolfmother, You Am I Seattle-based Hairball Audio kits that you can buy and assemble if you have electonics engineering skills   FiveFish Audio makes high quality, professional mic preamps, equalizers and other audio-related products for the audio recording professional.

Other DIY Links

Aron Nelson’s Stompbox Pages – The best collection of effects schematics on the Internet. Check here first for schematics.

Small Bear Electronics – Home of the Wild Mouse EQ and Fuzz face clone biasing. Specialty electronic parts supplier for homebrew hard to find components

Single Coil – A nice collection of pedal tips and mods!

Guitar & Bass FX Projects – Fuzz, Boosters, Filters & more

Duncan’s Amp Pages – An internet resource for those interested in guitar amplifiers,  vacuum tubes, and design tools such as SPICE modelling.