David Haddock Electronic Repairs

David Haddock Electronic Repairs has a long history in the electronic repairs, music and audio industries. In his early-teens David found himself doing lights and roady work for bands of school friends. With interest in electronics as he was asked to build amplifiers and repairing other equipment, After leaving school he worked in a number of electronics related industries including car audio installation and industrial switch board manufacturing

David with the band “The Trap”, Mansfield Tavern, Brisbane

In his late teens David became a roadie full time spending the next 7 years of his life touring the Australia full-time doing lights and maintaining equipment. This experience of constant touring taught Dave the realities of electronics in a working in a professional music situation.

David Lighting operator for The Trap,
Mansfield Tavern, Brisbane
David Lighting operator for The Trap,
Mansfield Tavern, Brisbane

Moving to Cairns

When Dave retired from touring moving to Cairns he was taken on by Danny McGowan’s – Cairns PA-Hire at Aeroglen as the in-house service tech, this begun his more than 10 year association with Cairns PA-Hire, David’s time exposed him to a huge range of production equipment in a wide variety of situations, everything from small solo artist systems through to major outdoor event production. This learning experience give David a wealth of knowledge practical knowledge in what it takes to make a piece of electronics reliable under load and with dealing with the humidity and temperature is found in the North Queensland Tropics

At the age of 33 David went back and completed a trade apprenticeship as an Electronics tradesmen and moved into the commercial electronics service field doing a wide range of domestic and commercial electronics. During this time David also began an association with a church at Freshwater and his years of experience and technical ability has made it one of the leading multi-media equipped worship facilities in Far-North Qld.

Return to Brisbane

With the repair market shrinking in Cairns David returned to Brisbane in 2016. With nearly 40 years experience David Haddock Electronic Repairs can cost effectively bring value back to a piece of electronics that you may have thought was past it’s use by date.